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About STC Games

STC is a simple game of luck. Place a bet on a 4-digit number and see if your number comes up in any of the 23 winning numbers. Collect your winnings of up to RM3,500 per RM1 of bet. That’s it!

4D Winning Numbers

There are 23 winning numbers are drawn in every draw. This consists of:

  • 1st Prize, 2nd Prize, and 3rd Prize
  • 10 Special Prizes
  • 10 Consolation Prizes

You may invest as minimum as RM1.00 for a particular 4 digits number at a single draw.

4D Big & Small Forecast

Every RM1.00 you invest can win up to RM3,500.00. Prizes are awarded according to the amount you invest in a number and the matched 4-digits number in each draw. You can bet on any 4-digits number from 0000 to 9999 (both inclusive) that are open for sale on every draws.

You have a choice of how much you want to win! Go for Big or Small Forecast:

Big Forecast: A higher chance of winning

When the 4 digits number purchased, match any of the 23, 4-digits number drawn, each exact match will win a cash prize.

A RM1.00 bet on the big forecast gives you the chance to win up to 23 cash prizes as shown below:

Small Forecast: A chance to win higher cash prizes.

A RM1.00 bet on the small forecast gives you the chance to win up to 3 Top Prizes, namely 1st prize, 2nd Prize, and 3rd Prize. The prize winning is as shown below:

STC E-BOX Big & Small Forecast - Payout

An easy bet that increase your chances of winning by covering all the permutation number ranging from 24 sets, 12 sets, 6 sets and 4 sets of your favourite 4D numbers by a single RM1.00 play.

Prizes for Special & Consolation are applicable for 4D Big only.

Fun & Easy Bets

1. Roll front” or “Roll back”

Rolling the front or back digit of your 4 digits number will generate 10 numbers with the front or back digits of each of the numbers running from 0 to 9 respectively. The choice is yours: to roll the front or back digit of your 4 digits number.

2. Premutation (BOX) Bets

Generate permutations of your favourite 4 digits number! Frequency of permutation is based on the particular number and occurrence of digits in it.

  • Where all 4 digits are different – 1234 = 24 permutations
  • Where 2 digits are the same – 1123 = 12 permutations
  • Where 2 pairs of digits are the same – 1122 = 6 permutations
  • Where 3 digits in the number are the same – 1113 = 4 permutations

3. Easy-Pick Bets

Make a request for a lucky number that’s randomly generated by the main Gaming Computer System.

4D Tickets

Proof of purchase

You will receive a 4D ticket for the bets you have placed. Each ticket will have the following particulars as proof of purchase:

  • Draw No
  • Date of Draw
  • Type of Forecast (Big/Small)
  • List of 4D numbers purchased, each with its corresponding bet amount and bet type (Big/Small forecast)
  • Total amount purchased of all 4D numbers on the ticket
  • Ticket Serial Number
  • Ticket Bar Code
  • Date & Day & Time of purchase


Prizes will be awarded only upon the presentation of valid winning tickets.

Winning tickets are valid for only 6 months from the date of the relevant draw, and every ticket must comply with the following conditions:


  • It must have been issued by Sandakan Turf Club agent through its authorised gaming terminal.
  • It must be intact; particulars on ticket must be clear and legible.
  • It must be recorded in the company’s computer records prior to the draw and its particulars must be identical in all aspects with the records of the company’s computer records.
  • It must satisfy all the company’s security checks.
  • It must comply with and satisfy the requirements for a valid winning ticket as described under the company’s rules and regulations.


  • Ticket must not have been altered, defaced, mutilated, torn or tampered with in any manner whatsoever.
  • It must not be recorded in the company’s computer records as cancelled.
  • It must not be a ticket for which the company or its agents have already made a payout (i.e. awarded a prize).

4D Draw Days

Regular Draws: There are 3 draws every week: on Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday

Special Draws: Subject to the approval of the Ministry of Finance (MOF).

4D Draw Venue

No. 12, Jalan Tugu, Kampung Air, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

4D draws are conducted on the day of the draw, at 7.00 pm sharp. All draws are open to the general public.

4D Results Announcement

Results are immediately available after each draw through the following channels:

  • Results Board displayed at the relevant draw premise.
  • The STC websites:
  • Major leading newspaper in Sabah.

*Results are also published in local leading newspapers and displayed at all Sandakan Turf Club (STC) agencies on the day after the Draw.

Hotline No:

Kota Kinabalu: 088-266060

Keningau: 087-336060

Sandakan: 089-226060

Tawau: 089-766060

4D Prize Payout

Prizes will only be awarded when you present a valid winning ticket. All prizes below RM12,500 can be claimed at any Sandakan Turf Club 4D agent. Prizes above RM12,500 are advised to refer to our respective area officers at the following address:


Unclaimed prizes of more than 6 months from the Draw date will be submitted to the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia.

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