Keto Desserts Recipes

Low-Carb Banana Waffles

Love waffles? Adore bananas? Waffles plus bananas equal perfection as far as we’re concerned! Try these delicious, dairy-free low-carb waffles and kick off your day in an awesome way. We love them!

Recipe by: Anne Aobadia | Photo by Emma Shevtzoff

3 g net carbs | 3 g fiber | 12 g fat | 5 g protein | 147 kcal


Prep/Cooking Time: 10 + 20 min | Easy | 8 Servings


• 1 medium unripe banana

• 4 eggs

• 180 ml (85 g) almond flour

• 180 ml coconut milk

• 1 tbsp ground psyllium husk powder

• 1 pinch salt

• 1 tsp baking powder

• ½ tsp vanilla extract

• 1 tsp ground cinnamon

• coconut oil or butter, for frying


1. Mix all of the ingredients together and let sit for a while.

2. Make in a waffle maker or fry in a frying pan with coconut oil or butter.

3. Serve with hazelnut spread or whipped coconut cream and some fresh berries, or just have them as is with melted butter. You can’t go wrong!


Got extra ripe bananas? Make more waffles and freeze the leftovers for a quick and easy future morning. Wrap each pancake individually in plastic wrap for easy defrosting.

Here’s how to whip coconut cream. Let a can of coconut milk sit in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours to separate the cream from the water. Open the can carefully and remove the cream part with a spoon. Place in a bowl and whisk with a hand blender for a few minutes.

Serve with

Keto Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread

5 + 5 m | Easy | 2g

Keto Buttercream

5 + 10 m | Easy | 1g