Keto Breakfast Recipes

Keto Tuna Salad with Capers

The only thing better than tuna salad is tuna salad with capers! The leeks and chili pepper add a crisp, zippy touch that’s an unexpected treat. Try this yummy take on a classic and you’ll be hooked!

Recipe by Fanny Lindkvist | Photo by Naomi Sherman

1 g net carbs | 0 g fiber | 26 g fat | 8 g protein | 271 kcal


Prep Time: 10 min | Easy | 4 Servings


• 110 g tuna in olive oil

• 120 ml mayonnaise or vegan mayonnaise

• 2 tbsp crème fraîche or cream cheese

• 1 tbsp capers

• ½ (45 g) leek, finely chopped

• ½ tsp chili flakes

• salt and pepper


1. Let the tuna drain.

2. Mix together all ingredients, season with salt, pepper and chili flakes. You’re all set!


Serve with boiled eggs and LCHF sesame crispbread.

You can also add chopped eggs into the salad and add some hot chili sauce for some heat.

You can also replace the sour cream with mayonnaise for a dairy-free option, or replace capers with olives or gherkins. Try it out with our homemade mayo—simply divine!

Another LCHF breakfast idea from Fanny Lindkvist, who runs a popular Swedish blog and the Instagram account LessCarbs.