Keto Meal Recipes

Keto Salmon-Filled Avocados

Avocado + smoked salmon = no cooking. This creamy dish is a luxurious breakfast, quick lunch, or light dinner. Or serve it as a colorful appetizer at your next dinner party.

Recipe by: Anne Aobadia | Photo by Emma Shevtzoff

6 g net carbs | 13 g fiber | 45 g fat | 26 g protein | 567 kcal


Prep Time: 5 min | Beginner | 2 Servings


• 2 (400 g) avocados

• 230 g smoked salmon

• 120 ml sour cream

• salt and pepper

• 2 tbsp lemon juice (optional)


1. Cut avocados in half and remove the pit.

2. Place a dollop of crème fraiche or mayonnaise in the hollow of the avocado and add smoked salmon on top.

3. Season to taste with salt and a squeeze lemon juice for extra flavor (and to keep the avocado from turning brown).


This keto plate can be served with any other type of fatty fish—boiled, fried, or smoked. It tastes even better with a little fresh dill!